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Rainbow Volunteer Fire Department invites citizens from White Oak and all surrounding communities, we have three forms of membership to choose from: Regular Active, Junior (14-18 years of age) and Associate.

There are many benefits to being a member of Rainbow VFC. The obvious are the sense of community, camaraderie and assisting your fellow man. Volunteerism rewards you with a wonderful sense of purpose. In addition, Rainbow VFC boasts an amazing weight room, access to a wide variety of free training, as well as FREE college education through CCAC’s FIREVEST Scholarship.

There are a few requirements to being a member of Rainbow Volunteer Fire Company, including making your required number of points (208) and Fundraising Credits (6). However, members have plenty of opportunities throughout the year to meet those goals, averaging 300 calls a year including fire, vehicle rescue, rope rescue, hazmat, wildfire, and many more. Also, Rainbow VFC hosts many fundraisers, totaling 20+ per year! It can be hard work, but it is always rewarding knowing that you are helping your community, and building lifelong friendships.

But do not forget! Rainbow VFC needs the help of non-firefighting members too! You do not need to have previous training, or even physical ability to join our fire fighting family, helping at fundraisers, community events, and being an extra mind or set of hands is always welcome. Fill out our inquiry page to receive a call or email with more information!

Thank you for your interest in starting your volunteer firefighter journey! To begin, please follow these steps!

1) Print and fill out the Application for Membership.

2) Visit and complete your criminal background check.

3) Visit and complete your Child Clearance background check. Be sure to apply as a volunteer, there are no charges for these background checks.

4) Submit background checks, application, and a $10.00 application fee to the Rainbow V.F.C. new member board for review. This can be done in person by stopping by our station, or every 2nd Thursday of the month at our regular business meeting. You may also call (412) 664-9523 and arrange to meet with any of our Line Officers or Executives for Questions or to submit your application. 

Contact Us with any questions and drop your application off at our station.

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We provide fire and rescue protection for White Oak Borough, offering our members a wonderful volunteer experience. Read More

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